How do I use Before You?

Once you have downloaded the app there is a step by step guide for using Before You. You have the ability to add your stories, their exact location, the people involved and any imagery, audio or video from your iPhone.

What is the purpose of Before You?

Created for modern families, Before You is an iOS app designed to easily capture family stories in text, photo, audio, and video. At Before You, we believe that prosperity should be shared with those less fortunate. That’s why over 50% of our after-tax profits will be used for families and individuals in need.

What does Before You do with my data?

If you’ve upgraded to Before You Premium, have no fear – your stories are securely saved in the cloud. If you’re using Before You Basic, be sure to upgrade to Before You Premium before deleting the app to make sure all of your beautiful family stories don’t get lost!

Managing Your Account

You will only need to manage your account if you are using Before You premium. To learn more about Before You Premium download the free app and explore upgrades.

Privacy & Safety

Review our privacy policy here.

How do I sign up for an account?

With Before You Basic, you don’t need an account, just start creating stories! If you upgrade to Before You Premium to access features like secure storage and sharing, you’ll be prompted to create an account. To learn more about Before You Premium visit the app.

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