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Why Images & Illustrations Are Important to Kids

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There’s a reason your child’s storybooks are filled with pictures, and why their classroom walls are adorned with icons representing each letter of the alphabet. Images and illustrations are proven to help increase learning retention for kids, not to mention make learning more fun! Users of Before You will find a storytelling process that allows you drag and drop your favorite family photos and videos into your stories, making it the perfect way to teach your kids more about their family history!

Images & Illustrations Add Context to a Story

For kids, understanding a page of text or a long-winded speech can be a difficult task without visuals to help them along. The use of images and illustrations in stories adds context and makes it easier for kids to follow along and interpret the context of the story. Are you telling your kids the story of how your family opened a restaurant? Or explaining how their Great Grandma immigrated from Italy? Help them make sense of complicated storylines by adding photos to your Before You stories! Instead of explaining what the restaurant looked like, show them! Before you know it, the kids will feel like they’re right there eating Dad’s famous peach cobbler.

Kids Recall Stories Better with Accompanying Visuals

Ever tried to remind your child of a story only to be met with a blank stare, but the moment they see an accompanying photo they can recall every detail? That’s just how kiddos are! According to an article by Haig Kouyoumdjian, Ph.D., “the effective use of visuals can decrease learning time, improve comprehension, enhance retrieval, and increase retention.” Long story short – visuals help kids hold onto the stories you tell them. Perhaps it’s a photo of your Grandma knitting your favorite blanket, or of the neighborhood kids eating popsicles at last year’s block party. You never know what memories will be sparked in your child’s mind when they look through old photos. Before You is the perfect way to include your child in the storytelling process. Drag and drop photos from your favorite moments, and see where they take the story!

The Benefit of Before You’s Emoji Icons & Illustrated Path

There’s a reason emoji-style icons are popping up everywhere, from classrooms to the pediatrician’s office. According to Jennifer Fane, associate lecturer in health and early childhood education at Flinders University, the use of emojis has helped include children’s pre-literate perspectives in the world of research surveys and questionnaires. In many situations, parents are left speaking for their kids as the right words simply aren’t yet in minds of little ones. The illustrated Path makes understanding storytelling easier for developing brains by showing a storybook-style timeline complete with category emojis to illustrate life events, both big and small. Let your kiddo choose the story time topic by choosing from a selection of emoji icons. Perhaps they’ll choose a mountain, a trophy, or even a furry friend!

Help engage your kids in the storytelling process, while securely saving your favorite family photos with Before You! Download the app now and bring your family moments into the modern world.

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