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Why Family Storytelling Is Changing Up The Bedtime Routine

We know that parenting is full of busy days and busier nights – which leaves parents starved for quality time with their kids. Before You is an app that makes it simple and easy for busy parents to capture and store the stories that are the heartbeat of a family. Designed to be interactive and fun for kids, Before You creates opportunities for the kind of modern storytelling researchers have shown to be good for kids. Let’s break down all the ways Before You is going to make life better for both parents and kids!

The Perfect Nighttime Routine Does Exist

We get it. Days are a chaotic whirlwind, kids are exhaustingly energetic, and making sure that everyone is fed and in bed before 9 p.m. is basically a full-time job crammed into 3-4 hours. Making sure the kids know how Uncle Tony started the family restaurant ranks pretty low on the priority list in the evening rush. By the time they’re finally in bed and winding down, you’re just happy to have a moment of quiet to hang out with the little ones you love so much.

But imagine your perfect little one is cuddled up, clutching their favorite stuffy, and they ask exactly how the family business started. It’s the perfect storm, right? You were about to read that same bedtime story for the 100th time, so why not tell them a story that is just as exciting and actually beneficial for them!?

It’d be awesome if you could call up Uncle Tony to hear the story right from the source, (thick New York accent and all) but hey, like we said, life is busy – his and yours! That’s when Before You leaps in to the rescue. Whip out the app, tap on the story from the chronological path, and you’ll be telling the story in no time – with photos, video, and audio, too!

It’s Not Just Fun, it’s Science, too!

By sharing the stories of your family history with your children, you’re not only strengthening an important connection in your relationship, you’re creating a base for their sociological development. Trust us, we’ve done the research.

Studies show that sharing the details of your past experiences, as well as those of your family members, formulates a strong, ongoing family narrative. Kids who know those kind of stories have been shown to have higher self esteem, do better in school, more easily navigate social dynamics, and show fewer signs of anxiety and depression. Can that tired old storybook do all of that?

We know that without illustrations, kids can have difficulty interpreting and storing information for the long term, but too many visuals (especially animations) can overwhelm young brains and make it hard for kids to understand the key pieces of information. The illustrated Path View in the Before You app provides exactly what kids need to properly interpret and retain the stories that you share with them, so not only are you providing them the information they need, it’s also in exactly the format they want!

Making Storytelling Simple and Easy

This all sounds pretty great, we know, but how could there possibly be time to create stories for your kids? Before You provides a space where creating and securely storing family stories is easy and straightforward so when they do ask, you’ve got the whole story – photos, audio, video and all – right at your fingertips. Because, let’s be honest, you don’t know exactly where that old photo album is at all times, and when it’s bedtime, you’re not about to hunt it down. How about opening up the app and cuddling up for story time with your children, instead?

Before You lets you piece together your most important memories by easily incorporating multiple photos, video, and audio uploads. Once the stories are created, they are securely stored in the cloud so they’re safe and easy to access. The best part? With our upgrade, each story can be easily exported and shared so loved ones near and far can share the memories.

Don’t wait! Download the app today to start creating a path full of stories to share with your family.

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