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Top 5 Ways Before You Helps Simplify Your Life

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Busy parents, rejoice! There’s a new and easy way to record family moments, no scrapbooking required. Before You, the family storytelling app for the modern world is here to make documenting your family’s life easier than ever. If you’ve ever worried about losing track of your memories across multiple platforms or forgetting to send an album of graduation photos to Grandpa, Before You is here to simplify your life:

1. Securely Store Photos in One Place

We know how hard it is to keep track of photos in the digital age – some are in Dropbox, a few others in Google Drive, and of course there’s the nightmare that is your smartphone’s photo album. Say good riddance to endless searching across platforms, thanks to the ability to create a rich, detailed story in Before You. Add all of the photos that help tell the story, and then never again experience the frustration of the needle-in-a-haystack photo search. Before You Premium keeps your memories orderly and available for easy access, making the next time you want to show off each and every photo from your daughter’s most recent ballet recital a breeze. Worried about juice spills or losing your smartphone to the sandbox? With Before You Premium, your stories will always be safe – no matter what dangers your device encounters.

2. Quickly Make Stories Throughout the Day

In the amount of time it takes to order your morning cup of coffee, you can create and save a story using Before You. Time is a luxury when you’re a parent balancing work, carpool drop-offs, soccer practice, and deciding what to make for dinner. Finding the time to document family milestones can feel impossible, but Before You makes it as simple as a few taps. Easily create stories throughout the day, and surprise your kids with a bedtime treat!

3. Share Memories with Friends & Family

Send your stories straight to the inboxes of your loved ones using Before You Premium. Is Grandma having to ask for pictures of your latest family vacation? Is your sister bugging you for the video of your son taking his first steps? Share the full story by upgrading to Before You Premium, and keep your friends and family in the loop!

4. Stuck? Use Our Story Prompts

Writer’s block? We’ve got you. Sometimes you just need a little help getting the words flowing, so we’ve created guided prompts to help when you’re stuck on where to start storytelling. Whether you choose “Put Me In, Coach” or “Illustrious Ancestors,” there’s a story waiting to be told on Before You.

5. Family Time Made Easy

At the end of a long day, all you want to do is curl up with your kiddos and have a bit of family time before bed. Instead of reaching for the same old storybook or putting on cartoons, how about crafting a story with the help of your little one? Maybe it’s the tale of their first day of kindergarten or the trip to the beach you took together. Help them practice their storytelling skills while having a moment of family bonding with Before You.

Start simplifying your life with Before You – the quick and secure way to store your favorite moments and milestones. Download the app to start experiencing family storytelling made modern!

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