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Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year can get a little stressful as many are frantically planning for holiday gatherings and visits from extended family. As we enjoy time with loved ones making memories we can also become overwhelmed as we shop, clean, and prepare for holiday activities. We’re sharing tips and tricks for surviving the holiday season and capturing family memories, both old and new, using Before You.

Remember the Meaning of the Season

Is your doorbell ringing nonstop with the arrival of more cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents? While a crowded home is enough to put any host or hostess into a tizzy, it’s important to remember the true meaning of the season. The holidays are about connecting and spending time with those whom you love, so when you’re all sitting around the fire (or the Pinterest-inspired place settings you meticulously crafted) swap stories of years past together and capture those stories with Before You.

Have Activities for All Ages

With a house full of guests ranging from adolescent to elderly, you’ve got an army of helpers at your disposal so let everyone pitch in! While your aunt is busy teaching you the art of the perfect holiday ham, set the pint-sized members of the family up with sprinkles and frosting to help decorate cookies for Santa. Including everyone in the process can help strengthen the bond between your family members as they work together to make the holiday magic happen.

Record Your Family Historians

Are the kiddos settling down on the couch to listen to grandma read “The Night Before Christmas,” or is your uncle mesmerizing the adults with stories of his past holidays spent traveling the world? With the audio feature of Before You, you can capture the oral histories and stories of your family’s matriarchs and patriarchs for future generations to share around their holiday table. For some families, it’s a rare occurrence to have multiple generations together under one roof. Instead of worrying about the next time the whole family will be together again, take advantage of your family-filled home this holiday and create digital mementos to listen back on when you’re missing your far-off guests.

Stay Positive When Things Go Wrong

The pie was dropped on the floor. The cat knocked over the tree. You forgot to set the timer for the turkey. Things happen, and just like the Griswold’s, learning to roll with the punches when things go amiss will help you steer clear of stress this holiday season. While it’s hard to laugh off missteps in the moment, sometimes slip-ups become the stories your family will be telling for years to come. Capture the blunders with Before You and look back whenever you need a good laugh.

Snap and Save Family Photos

In the flurry of flying tissue and wrapping paper on Christmas morning, don’t fret over whether your sister will send you the photos of your son opening his gift or who’s phone the group photo was taken on. With Before You Premium, you can safeguard your photos and share straight to the inboxes of your loved ones with ease. Don’t have time to craft an entire Before You story? Simply drop in your holiday photos and come back later with the Before You editing feature. Save your family members an activity for the road trip back home.

Make the most of your time spent together this holiday season, and record your favorite stories as a family using Before You. Download the app to start experiencing family storytelling made modern!

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