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Storytelling When Family History is Unclear

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The age of the nuclear family is fading. It’s 2018 and family trees are more often filled with adoption, separation, divorce, and remarriage. Diversity in the family structure is the new norm. As little ones start to get older and notice their own family structure is different than those of their classmates, they’re going to get curious. For the day your kids start asking questions, Before You is there to help. We’ve put together a guide on how to best approach family storytelling when family history is unclear.

Honesty Always

Any parent could tell you that kids are curious by nature. Why can’t we wear our pajamas to school? Why did you buy a red car? Why do I look different than my siblings? As children get older and more observant, they start asking the hard-hitting questions. Being open and honest with them about how your family is structured is the best policy. Keeping a veil over certain information could cause confusion or even feelings of mistrust later on in their adolescent years. So when the day comes that they ask why they have to switch between mommy and daddy’s house, or why they look don’t look like you, remember that opening a positive line of communication will carry on as they grow.

Age-Appropriate Explanations

Sometimes explanations are too big for growing minds to comprehend. Skip the overcomplicated and help your kids understand their family tree with age-appropriate answers. Explaining the basics in a positive way will give kids confidence in understanding their own identities, and leaves a door open for you to fill in the details as they get older. Science shows that regularly sharing family stories with your children decreases rates of anxiety and depression during their adolescent years, increases their self-esteem, and helps them feel more certain about their self-identity. Help your kids understand that sometimes you don’t have to be related to be family, and that love is what matters most.

Make It Visual

Kids are visual learners. Help them understand the story of their adoption or the day mom got remarried by mapping it out together with Before You. The illustrated Path features a storybook-style timeline complete with category emojis to illustrate life events, both big and small. Before You is the perfect tool to uncomplicate family history and give kids perspective on the untraditional family they may have while engaging in storytelling together. So when the time comes at school for your kids to craft a family tree, you can take pride in knowing you’ve already begun with Before You.

Not every family is bonded by DNA. Help your curious kiddos understand the power of love and their family history with Before You. Download the app to start experiencing family storytelling made modern!

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