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Oh, hello!

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We’re so happy you found us!

Although we’re really here to help you capture and share your family stories, we figure we should at least introduce ourselves.

What is Before You?

Created for modern families, Before You is an iOS app designed to easily capture family stories in text, photo, audio, and video.

Wait, There’s An App for Family Storytelling?

There is now! Before You makes family storytelling simple by helping you quickly jot down the details of your family stories with just a few taps.

Why are we so passionate about family storytelling? Well, mostly because family stories are awesome. Where else can you reminisce about an ancestor’s accomplishments, giggle about a family event gone comedically bad, or serve up a slice of humble pie to your sibling? (The 90s were a cruel time to be a kid’s haircut, let’s leave it at that.)

We’re family storytelling converts because we know the influence family storytelling has on the happiness and emotional well-being of our children. Knowledge of family stories – the people, the places, and the experiences that make up their family DNA – creates a strong foundation for a child’s identity and sense of belonging.

Family Stories Have Superpowers

Big claim, isn’t it? We’re not kidding – we’ve got the research to back it up! Studies have shown children who regularly hear family stories have lower rates of depression and anxiety during the adolescent and teenage years. (And we all know that kids can use all the help they can get in that phase of life…)

Parenting is largely about playing the long game, often with no rule book – and frequently, doing what’s best for your kids doesn’t necessarily align with what’s fun or what feels great. But with family storytelling, you get amazing moments of closeness, comfort, and bonding in the telling of family stories AND the long-term benefit to your kids. Children who know more about the history of their family are not only more secure in their own identity, they also form stronger attachments in relationships, have higher self-esteem, and express more confidence in the bonds of their family! We call that a win-win.

Before You: The Self Appointed Ambassadors of Family Storytelling

Our mission is to make family storytelling easy and fun for everyone. We believe that parents deserve a way to quickly and easily capture, curate, and illustrate treasured family stories in order to re-live those moments with their children. We set out to build a home for family stories that is private, protected, and secure, so that your Stories are at your fingertips, wherever you go, and so that every beautiful detail that makes a family memory meaningful is immortalized.

At the end of the day, it’s that simple. Armed with research that backed up our intuition, we knew we couldn’t keep the superhero status of family storytelling a secret. We designed Before You to be a family story multitasking powerhouse that requires very little time or effort to use – but is so enjoyable, you’ll return again and again to jot down just one more story or view a favorite for the 17th (or 75th!) time. We see all of the armchair quarterbacking, shaming, and guilt that parents experience. Before You is our way of creating a space free of negativity, duty, and obligation – for both parents and kids.

Now that we’ve given you our life story, it’s time to spread the word and help modern families around the world start a new tradition: family storytelling time!

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