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Saving Life Stories for generations to come.

Every Life has a story! We are on a mission to help individuals and families bring their most precious treasures to life… their stories. Before You is an iOS app designed to easily capture and share your personal stories in text, photo, audio, and video. Unlike other social media platforms, this app offers a safe place to save your cherished memories away from the public eye. Whether it’s recording Grandpa’s stories or documenting your personal memories, this app is secure storage for it all.

The Story of Grandpa Nico
share stories

Capture your stories

Before You captures your stories, because we know how important it is to document life’s moments.

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Prompted stories

Before You knows you're busy – we get it! We created guided story prompts to help capture your stories on the fly.

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Curate your stories

Before You helps you curate all of your important stories, because we know the value in preserving memories for the future.

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Your stories, your way.

Before You is designed to let you create, save, and view stories the way you want to. See them on a custom-tailored timeline and preserve them for the future – they’re worth it!

"Really excited about this app. Great way to tell my life story in a format I can easily share with my children and grandchildren. I love the ability to add audio to my stories as well."

Seany Macc
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Share Your Stories with Before You Premium

It’s true – sharing is caring, and now you have a non-social media solution to share personal stories with those closest to you! Before You Premium allows you to share your Stories with family and friends, so upgrade and get started delivering delightful memories instantly into the inboxes of your loved ones.

A shared story of Ben's First Birthday.


Enjoy secure storage, so you'll never have to worry about losing your data.


Seamlessly share your personal stories with family and friends.


Ensure all of your memories are accessible for future generations.

Secure Cloud-Based Storage with Before You Premium

Snapping photos on your smartphone beats toting around a photo album, but how many things can go wrong with a smartphone or tablet? We’re well aware of the clumsy hands and accidental spills our smartphones endure. Before You Premium gives you the peace of mind that no matter what shenanigans your device encounters, your stories will always be safe.

The Before You app's path screen, laying out several important stories along a path representing a lifetime of experiences.
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